The review of the first concert is in!

The audiences are really enjoying the positive spirit of the Copland Songs. We have often repeated the last song of the group, a children’s song: “I Bought Me a Cat”. It is a joy for me to be a part of the team, especially when they react so well to Copland’s light hearted joking / imitation of all the animal sounds.

Here is translated from the local paper:

‘A special part (of the Neues Zuercher Orchester Program) was the appearance of American soprano Jane Foster with the five “Old American Songs” from 1950 by New York composer, Aaron Copland. Copland, a versatile composer of the last century, wrote the work for voice and piano 1952; he later wrote the version with orchestra.
The rich instrumentation was implemented by the fabulous orchestra, the soprano pleased all with her clear, expressive voice. Rousing rhythms with funny ideas pervade the work, the winds’ imitation of animal sounds was impressive in the fifth song “I Bought Me a Cat”. Throughout Jane Foster shone also as an actor.’

The beauty really speaks for itself

The beauty really speaks for itself

On an afternoon walk

On an afternoon walk



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2 responses to “The review of the first concert is in!

  1. Cathy

    Fantastic Jane!!! I’m thrilled to hear about the joy you are bringing others and having yourself.

  2. Cathy FitzPatrick

    Hi Jane,
    This is my first experience with blogging. Arthur sent me an email that you’re in Switzerland for a month singing! What a great review in the local paper! I’ve always marveled at the joy you bring with your singing!
    Cathy Fitz from Trinity

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