A time for all things

What a great experience it has been. Of course, Switzerland itself is beautiful. Traveling by tram, train, and car the images that I have in my memory are of calm valleys and pristine lakes, tall snow banks in the mountains, and spring flowers emerging on a pilgrim’s path. In addition to being wonderful musicians, my colleagues in the NZO proved themselves to be kind and thoughtful people. During our journeys together on this 10 concert tour, they were patient with my language skills, thoughtfully looking out for me, making sure I didn’t get lost on my way to rehearsal, and also sharing their stash of hand warmers with me when we performed in historic churches that were a little chilly! It was indeed an honor for for me to be a part of this music-making team.

Final concert

Final concert

From my room outside of Bern

From my room outside of Bern


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